Cross of Hope Necklace


Delicate sterling silver cross, hung sideways, on a sterling silver chain with and lobster clasp. Eden’s delicate signature sterling silver pendant is attached to the extension chain, 18”

We met 14-year-old Li Fen alone in a one-room brothel, guarded by her pimp. One team member distracted her pimp while another spoke to her and secretly gave her our phone number, “In case you need help!”

Li Fen was deceived by her relative about a job and trafficked. Risking everything, Li Fen managed to run and escape with the help of Eden staff. At her entry interview, we discovered that Li Fen had no mother, no sex education, and no understanding of what was happening to her when she was trapped in the brothel.

The cross is a symbol of hope through the deepest darkness. This piece of jewelry was hand-made by a young women who has been set free. Wear it as a reminder to yourself and those around you of hope in the darkness.

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