An Evening of Hope in Myanmar

April 09, 2017

An Evening of Hope in Myanmar

"Together we are braver, stronger, and infinitely more capable of conquering what seems impossible as only one." -Author Unknown


We believe that every human being is valuable and every woman caught in the horrors of human trafficking is worth fighting for. Our mission is simple, but our work is hard. So much of what we do is fueled by the passion, hard work, and dedication of those who partner with us. So whether you are a volunteer in the field, a person stocking jewelry in our warehouse, one of our dedicated staff members working on site, an advocate taking time to raise awareness, a person hosting a home party to sell our jewelry, someone attending a fundraiser, or a donor; you are an integral part of our mission. We are all united by one single heartbeat- and that is freeing those held captive in Asia’s red- light districts.


On December 9th we held our annual Eden Evening of Hope Fundraiser in Yangon.  And thanks to the tireless work and talent of so many, it was a huge success. We enjoyed a seamless evening and a delicious 4 course dinner thanks to the Chatrium Hotel, their wonderful staff, and talented kitchen. Our entertainment for the evening was exceptional, and we want to thank the string quartet, Eulogia Choir, and Jonnie and Elle for sharing their gifts with us. Our auctioneer Kieran Rabbitt did an amazing job encouraging people to dig deep, and we were able to raise $3200 through the auction alone.


Not only did this fundraiser bring an increase in monthly donation inquiries, jewelry sales, and overall interest; it gave us a larger platform to share what Eden is doing to Reach, Rescue and Restore the lives of those caught in human trafficking.


The most moving part of the evening came when Cecile got up to share her story. Cecile shared how she had been tricked into crossing the border. She had been promised a highly sought after factory job, and instead found herself sold by traffickers as a bride. Cecile found herself alone in a new country, unable to speak the language, and fairly certain the authorities had been paid off by the family who purchased her. For 4 long years she endured abuse at the hands of her in-laws and mentally ill husband. After giving birth to a daughter, she resolved to get away. But when the opportunity arose, she found herself separated from her child and jailed by the very authorities she reached out to. Sadly, her story is one of many. Cecile is why we do what we do, and we are so grateful that she found us and had the courage to share her story with so many.



There is still much work to be done, but we are encouraged to fight on with so many new partners. If you want to learn more about how you can help Eden, we have serving opportunities that span interests, gifting, and abilities. Many people start by purchasing our jewelry. Some people host parties, and others become Eden Advocates so they can host more regular parties. We offer internships and fellowships, and a host of other ways you can serve around the world. Contact us for more information. Together, we can end human trafficking.



The Eden Team