Eden Song

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Sally Cranham is a British-born singer, songwriter, and blogger who has served as an advocate for Eden Ministry for several years. Before becoming an advocate, Sally knew about human trafficking. However, it wasn’t until she visited one of our sites and witnessed our operations, that she realized the depth and degree of the work required to combat this injustice.

During her first trip to one of Eden’s branches, Sally was able to spend time getting to know our staff and the young women in our program. So moved by the courage of these women, Sally realized that she wanted to use her talents to assist us in the fight against human trafficking.

So began Sally’s personal journey of advocacy for Eden.

She now travels around the world performing and educating people about human trafficking and what Eden is doing, and moves others to get involved in the fight to end modern-day sex slavery. We are excited to announce that she has even written, produced, and released a song for Eden, titled Eden Song. All proceeds from the sale of Eden Song will go to Eden.

The Birth of Eden Song

While visiting Eden and volunteering with us, Sally was approached by Mei Hua*, a young woman who had escaped trafficking and enrolled in our program. Mei Hua* knew that Sally was a musician and she wanted to share a poem she had written about Eden.  As Mei Hua* shared her words, Sally did what was natural and picked up her guitar and started working out a melody.

Sally was deeply moved by Mei Hua’s* words and the idea of a healing garden. Many of the women who have come to Eden share a similar sentiment about Eden as a place of peace, rest, and healing in the midst of enormous pain. The imagery of the healing garden in the middle of a cold and dark city is a beautiful symbol of the restoration that happens in the lives of women in our shelters every day.

After Sally had returned home, she continued to work on the song and decided to collaborate on the backing track and the artwork with Neil and Julie, the founders of Prayerscapes. Eden Song has been a labor of love, born of collaboration with a woman in our program, and will now be used to encourage and inspire others.

What began as one woman sharing her heart with another, blossomed into Eden Song.

When we asked Sally about her vision for the song, she told us “Our hope is that the song will be a vehicle for educating people about the problems faced by women, and men across Asia through the work of Eden Ministry. I hope that the song will be a blessing to those in Eden’s programs. I hope churches around the globe will not only listen to its words with regards to the work that Eden does but also tap into the deep truths in the song that are calling us to a garden space of living, where we can be creative and free.”

Sally’s Bio: Sally is a UK based singer songwriter but travels to the USA regularly. She will be in the USA this summer and will be available to come and sing the Eden Song live and share more about the story behind it. If you would like to host Sally for a house concert, Evening of Hope, or another local event, please email Sally at sally@feathersandwhirlwinds.com.

*name changed to protect the identity of trafficking victim

For a more in-depth look at how the song came about, you can watch the “creating of” video and read a guest blog post about the song and work of Eden on their website at http://www.prayerscapes.com.”