Christmas gifts

December 15, 2014 by Eden Team - 1 Comment

This Christmas season we are giving over 2000 gifts to girls and men in red light districts across Asia. It’s such an amazing time! We bring Christmas cookies, wear Santa hats and sing in each of the brothels!  We give each person we meet a gift and tell them how precious they are!

The girl’s gift is a delicate mirror with an engraved picture of birds flying out of the darkness into a tree filled with light, love and freedom.

We explain that often our hearts feel heavy and trapped in darkness, a lot like these birds at the bottom of the mirror. However, when we know our Father’s love, our hearts can fly into his love, light and freedom. We tell them that each time they look at themselves in the mirror they can remember they are precious and loved by their Father and he wants their hearts to have light, love and freedom. Each of the mirrors also have our contact phone numbers on them and a pamphlet with the story of Christmas.

The men’s gift is a key ring that was also specially designed and have the same characters- ‘light, love, freedom’. We tell the pimps that Jesus is the key to knowing true love, light and freedom. They also have a pamphlet with the story of Christmas.

Please join with us in prayer for each gift recipient this season!