A Brothel Owner’s Transformed Life

January 7, 2016 by admin - No Comments

Previously during our Christmas gift outreach, we had met two very young girls in a brothel who told us they had been raised by Christian parents.  They were so excited to meet us and asked if we could bring them some Bibles.  Recently, we felt to return to visit these girls. During our prayer time, we sensed a warning to be especially vigilant about the presence of the police in that area.  What transpired that night was truly incredible.

The Bibles were so well received that we found ourselves answering all kinds of questions, not just from the girls but also from the pimps who were wanting to know more about this Jesus who loved them.  Just a few minutes after, we heard a huge commotion outside, realizing the police were about to raid the brothel.  After a moment of panic, the pimps quickly ushered us up the stairs and hid us in another part of the building.  Because of the warning we had received through prayer, we felt an indescribable peace as we asked God to make us invisible that night.  By the grace, covering, and protection of God, we were able to slip away safely.  We still had plans that night to meet with another brothel owner who wanted us to pray for her.

Thanks to the Lord’s supernatural peace, we felt to continue on outreach that night to meet this other brothel owner. Due to raids like the one we had just experienced, she had decided to leave the prostitution business and had already sent all her trafficked girls home.  That night, we were able to pray with her to believe in Jesus and trust God for a suitable place to open a restaurant.  Her husband is yet to believe, but he too has left the work of the red light area, knowing that God’s blessing cannot be found in work that exploits teenage girls and young women. Please pray with us that God would provide stable, honest work for this family.