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For Their Souls to Feel Their Worth

The following post is written by a Eden staff member who participated in the Christmas gift outreach last month.It is nearly midnight on Christmas Eve as I write this. A co-worker wrote a Christmas card to us and asked us to take a moment to reflect on the women we have impacted lately through our ...
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Why She Now Smiles

“I hated my son. He was not going to be blessed in this world.”Ping was pregnant and overwhelmed by her circumstances, financially struggling with no way to earn income.Ping was pressured to give up her baby; even her mother told her to send the baby away after birth.  But she questioned why sh ...
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A New Creation

When LiLi was 13, her father died, leaving her and her mother without any income, in a nation where there is no social security. Her mother, desperate to pay the rent on their house, sold her daughter’s virginity to a local man.Then when LiLi was 15, she was sold by her mother as a brid ...
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A Changing Heart

At first, every time a member of our outreach team would try to begin a friendly conversation, he would dismissively turn his back.This was not entirely surprising. There is often distrust and fear amongst those working in the red light districts, and our teams are not necessarily welcomed initially ...
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